Tailormade procurement

We develop and implement innovative and customized procurement alternatives. Our international network enables us to provide efficient, sustainable and holistic solutions.

  • from manufacturing to product delivery and everything in between


Wide Portfolio of services available to support you:

  • Research and preparation of strategy plans
  • Consulting and creation of designs
  • Procurement and trading
  • Product development and Reverse Engineering
  • Implementation of your quality systems and standards with manufacturers
  • Support and supervision of the transfer of technology and know how
  • Experienced project management
  • Technical and visual product development
  • Development of reliable logistics solutions
  • Management of new supply chains and optimisation of existing supply chains
  • Supervision and Controlling of productions
  • Quality control and Quality assurance
  • Professional logistics for smooth product flow
  • Complaints processing
  • Compliance Management


With our well experienced team we support you efficiently and reasonably to achieve your objectives.


Our local presence guarantees quality and timely delivery.

Example of a reference project HERE